AT LEAST YOU HAVE AN APPLE. An exhibition by photography students of Pallas


An exhibition featuring 6 photography students of Pallas University of Applied Sciences will be opened in gallery Pallas on Tuesday, January 17 at 15.00. The show focuses on independent interpretation of architecture and analyses the creation of space as well as order and chaos in the environment. Pallas second-year students Mairi Korkka, Anette Laius, Signe Oidekivi, Enlil Sonn, Olev Mihkelmaa and Kaimar Tauri Tamm present their best works created during this semester’s course of architectural photography.
The artists join their forces to create an exhibition that has common architectural occurrences in it as well as pieces that one doesn’t see (or notice) that often. The collaboration of several photographers and their entirely different viewpoints is the reason anyone might find the exposition worth looking at.

To ‘solve’ an architectural object, a building, one must find a starting point — say, it’s an apple. It is impossible to portray complete nothingness — at least you have an apple. An apple — a common, everyday object, which might also be the base for creating or defining a space; finding your own way of visualising things; and of course a source for brilliant ideas.

Special thanks to lecturers Andrus Kannel and Vallo Kalamees, who have played a significant role in developing the students’ skills and love for architectural photography & conceptual way of thinking.

Additional information:
Enlil Sonn
+372 5332 1979

Gallery Pallas
+372 734 9954
Tue-Sat 11-18, Riia 11, Tartu