Are Tralla “The Body Remembers” at gallery Pallas

The Body Remembers. Are Tralla
Gallery Pallas
Vernissage 15.02.24 at 17.30

On Thursday, 15.02 at 17.30 gallery Pallas opens Are Tralla´s exhibition “The Body Remembers”.
The purpose of the exhibition “The Body Remembers” is to unravel the essence of a man and to help him find his changing place in today’s society by asking questions that while maintaining dignity would draw attention to men’s fear of marginalization and the accompanying false image.

The exhibition exhibits photographs that were made with a 30-year time shift where body, mind, politics, love and absurdity are contrasted through projection and production. The pictures explore the influence from the Soviet era, modern madness and spiritual oppression through the perspective of a MAN.

The spiral staircase of recent history, where the anger against the Soviet Union in the nineties was soon replaced by nostalgia, has brought us back to a place where old wounds are opening due to wars and the political situation. Right next to us is a country where once again autocracy reigns and the law of one man applies, putting the whole world under mental pressure. Loud populism, public aggravation of ignorance – instilling fear in front of something, brutality, mockery, autocratic manipulation and feeding the self-destructive instinct have become popular.

The exhibition concept originated from works left dormant in a drawer, created during the analog era between 1992-1993, amidst total political and cultural shifts. The subsequent course of life and the author’s turn towards the digital world left these works on standby, awaiting new life. The first half of the exhibition features the young author’s manipulation of protest and absurdity accompanied by melancholic tones. Influences include the Soviet era, melancholia, electropunk. The second half of the exhibition is inspired by the return from post-COVID and a new war brimming with personal cultism, driven by social melancholia, depression, and an era of fear.

The artist wants to give bodies a chance to talk about politics, depression and love, and direct society’s attention to the development of the spirit, mental health and behavior of post-socialist men.

Are Tralla (b. 1968) is a photo artist, media graphic designer and lecturer working in Tartu, Estonia. He graduated from Tartu Art School and Tampere University Media and Art Department 2002 (BA). Worked since 1995 at Tartu Art School and Pallas University of Applied Sciences as the Head of the computer graphics (later media design) department and lecturer in the media and photography departments, later as a graphic designer at Playtech Estonia. For the past 8 years he has been working as a freelance photographer, lecturer and real estate agent at 5 Pluss Kinnisvarabüroo.
Honors: 2013 One Eyeland. Gold. Photographer of the year – editorial (Amateur). In 2021, the Gold Mark of Pallas..

“The Body Remembers” is Tralla’s sixth solo exhibition.

This exhibition needs parental guidance.

The exhibition is supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia #kulka; #kulkatoetab, 5 Pluss Kinnisvarabüroo.
Thanks: Raamikoda OÜ, Seri Disain OÜ

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Are Tralla “Suusataja”, 2023, näitus galeriis Pallas

Photo: Are Tralla “Suusataja / Skier”, 2023