Anna Hints, the graduate of the Department of Photography, won the Best Director Award for documentary films at the Sundance Film Festival, Utah, USA


The PallasFoto graduate Anna Hints’ directed first full-length documentary film “Savvusanna’s Sisters” („Smoke sauna sisters“), won the best director prize of the world documentary cinema competition program at the Sundance Film Festival in the USA. “Savvusanna’s Sisters” is also the first documentary film directed by an Estonian director and mainly produced by Estonia, which has reached one of the five most important film festivals in the world. Congratulations!

The focus of the documentary film “The Savvusanna sisters” is the women who share their secrets in a smoke sauna and wash away the shame and pain accumulated in their bodies. The film introduces the smoke sauna tradition of South Estonia, which is included in the representative list of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. including breaks, it took the whole seven years to make this film. You can watch the film in Estonian cinemas from March 24.


Anna Hints graduated from the photography department of Pallas in 2009 with the thesis “Giving birth to ‘Mother and Daughter'”. It has also been published in Pallas’s collection of the best theses “Proceedings 12. Flight 2009” (2010).

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Cover photo: Anna Hints at the Sundance festival Author/source: Press material (ERR)
Anna Hints’ thesis in the photo


Feb 05, 2023