Andres Sütevaka “Halfway to the Alleyway of the End of the World” in Gallery Pallas

The personal exhibition “Halfway to the Alleyway of the End of the World”, dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of Andres Sütevaka, will be opened in Gallery Pallas on Friday, 15th of July at 5 pm.

This is the final chord of a two-part project – this is a further development of Andres Sütevaka’s solo exhibition that took place in spring in the Pärnu City Gallery. “The selection spanning three decades is based on the principle that each stage has been necessary for Sütevaka to reach his artistic maturity today and for his development as a ceramicist. Motivated by this, we have now brought to the audience his earlier and scandalous works, as well as the artist’s most recent paintings, which the public has not yet seen,” said curator Kadri Asmer.

The focus of the exhibition is on the creatively experimental 1990s and the abstract painting that became dominant in the 2000s. The exhibition also exhibits ceramics, to what Sütevaka reached while studying and working in Barcelona from 2014 until 2021. “Sütevaka has studied and worked in Tartu, Pärnu, Tallinn and Spain during his artist years, which is why his work should be viewed on the basis of the surrounding environment also,” added co-curator Mareli Reinhold. Andres Sütevaka belongs to the Estonian Painters’ Union, Estonian Artists’ Association, and the Catalan Association of Ceramics.

Exhibition is opened until 13th of August 2022. Curator’s tour will take place on 6 August at 3 pm.

Special thanks: Margus Annuk, Siim Asmer, Tanel Asmer, Sarah Epping, Toomas Griin, Marko Kompus, Reigo Kuivjõgi, Andres Kull, Taavi Kull, Rene Kuulmann, Lii Lensment, Ants Liigus, Joosep Matjus, Alar Nurkse, Inge Paju, Janika Press, Tiit Pruuli, Margus Punab, Priidu Pärna, Pille Raag, Kärt Tammjärv, Indrek Truija, Taago Tubin, Üllar Varik.

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the Cultural Endowment of Tartu.

Photo: Andres Sütevaka. On the Shore of Spain (2016, ceramical painting). Private collection.

Additional information:

Kadri Asmer,, 529 9994

Mareli Reinhold,, 5300 8134

Pallas Gallery
+372 734 9954
T-L 11-18, Riia 11, Tartu

Coverphoto: Andres Sütevaka. On the Shore of Spain (2016, ceramical painting). Private collection.