Agnes Müürsepp & Luisa Greta Vilo “Misty Kind” at gallery Pallas

Misty Kind. Agnes Müürsepp & Luisa Greta Vilo
Gallery Pallas
Vernissage 15.02 at 17.30

On Thursday, 15th February at 17:30, an exhibition titled “Misty Kind” by Agnes Müürsepp and Luisa Greta Vilo, alumni of the Pallas University of Applied Sciences, will be opened at gallery Pallas .

The exhibition is the result of the self-reflective and introspective creative process of two photographers. Its main aim is not so much to display finished pieces, but rather to highlight fragments of the working process that reflect different aspects of being an artist such as the search for freedom, testing boundaries, imposter syndrome, and grappling with perfectionism.

In assembling the exhibition, the artists took it upon themselves to reflect their thoughts and feelings in a notebook in a free form. Quite quickly, common points of contact emerged in both worries and dreams:
“We both have felt how photography can sometimes be a lonely and overly individual process. We wanted to experience whether and how it is possible to share a space behind the camera together. Both of our goals were to break free from the expectations imposed on us and at the same time find new outlets in our work. We found it extremely beneficial to write out all our fears and doubts in order to overcome these monsters of insecurity. On paper, they somehow become ludicrous and small. The antidote that emerged was prioritizing authenticity. If what you do comes from the heart, then all is well.”

The exhibition will remain open until 16th March.

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Luisa Greta Vilo

Gallery Pallas
Tue-Sat 11-18
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Agnes Müürsepp & Luisa Greta Vilo

Photo: Udu pale / Misty Kind. Luisa Greta Vilo, Agnes Müürsepp, 2024